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Founded in 2012, the original iteration of was a blog that I started for a digital marketing course I was taking. I wrote about marketing because, at the time, new rules, platforms and trends were emerging, and I wanted to create my own space where I could delve deeper into this new digital landscape and share, not only what I was learning, but also what my years of experience as a communicator and marketer had taught me. The twist? I wanted to make my space a mix of business know-how and style. By creating an online space that looked fun, stylish and approachable, I knew that other folks like me would find the information easier to digest and easier to apply to their own ventures.
Since those early days, we have broadened our lens to become a digital platform providing actionable advice, strategies and resources to help you feel empowered and focused on achieving your goals. We’ve also formed our own in-house content marketing studio to provide content creation and social media marketing for small businesses making an impact.
I absolutely love the journey we’ve travelled and the readers and leaders we’ve inspired along the way. Every day, they give me the energy to build and create content that they will find informational, valuable and useful as they succeed in their own dreams.

Afzal Amin